5 Important Questions to Ask breeder BEFORE buying a dog

If you are looking to get a Shiba Inu or any dog breed, you want to make sure you get your puppy from a reputable breeder. By doing your due diligent upfront before you buy will save you money and hazard later on. In this article, I am sharing 5 important question you should ask your breeder before you buy.   

How many litters the mom already had

Or how often the breeder bred their dogs and also the mom’s current age. You can ask how often each female dog is bred per year and how many in total. If a breeder is careful about nutrition and “condition” it is possible to safely breed a dog twice a year (maximum) regardless of the dog’s heat cycles.

Many breeders won’t breed a female dog every time she comes into season for good reasons. Breeding litters back-to-back can be extremely hard on the mother and could impact the quality of litters as well. By asking questions around the mother condition, you will get a good idea of whether the breeder is knowledgeable and care about his/her dogs.

When are puppy weaned

Now you know the condition about the mom and now you can follow up with questions around the litter environment. Most puppies begin the weaning process at about two to four weeks of age. It is important to have the litters stay close to the mother during those very few weeks to learn basic social skills and interacting with their litter mates. Without stay close to mother in the very first few months could have phycological impact to the dog in the long term. Ask breeders when are puppies weaned and the condition about litters to get an idea about how the breeder is taking care of his/her litters and whether they know what they are doing.

Things to check when visit in person

Once you have your top few candidates for a breeder. If location allowed, try to visit the breeder in person. Nothing beats checking out the environment yourself. During your visit, check the adult dogs reaction when they see you and the breeder, are they well socialized, generally in good health condition. What kind of dog food they have. Does the breeder breed many different breeds? If a breeder has many different breeds could be a red flag indicating they are more transactional and commercialize about their dogs. 

Request for a health certificate

For a reputable breeder, He should be confident about the quality for each of the litter they sell. A well established breeder should provide you the puppy’s health record including vaccine record, deworming record and health certification from a vet. Ask the breeder about their health guaranty if any, in general, a breeder should guaranty the litter does not have any underlying generic health problems and you should take your new puppy to a vet for a full body check up as soon as you receive it. Some breeders will offer health guaranine for up to a year, so ask your breeder about their policy and what are your options if you find out there is underlying health issues with your new puppy.

Other factors to consider

Buying a dog should never be a light decision, research about the breed information and ensure your life style fits into the breed. Some breeder might have a long wait list so it is possible you need to wait for 6 months or more before you receive the new puppy. But once you get it, owning a dog can be a most rewarding journey you will ever have in your life. Check out the video on this article to learn more about how to select a good breeder.